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For most people, driving is second nature. Many don’t even have to pay much attention when they drive familiar routes. This comfort behind the

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Motorcycle accidents often cause more serious injuries and damages than other types of vehicular accidents. This is because there is very little to protect

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When should an individual consider filing bankruptcy? If an individual has more bills due each month than the money they have coming in, they

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It can be enormously difficult to determine liability in an auto accident case. In some instances, the fault is clear-cut, but not all cases

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Hiring a lawyer is one of the most important things an injured accident victim should do besides seeking medical care. The representation of an

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Courts are backed up. Bottlenecks happen. The system is clogged beyond reason, and it may take decades to implement systems to better serve the

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Accidents happen. Some are completely unavoidable, but some could have been prevented, saving the victim from the pain and suffering associated with an injury.

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More people than ever before are getting behind the wheels of their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Because they don’t have

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In California, domestic violence is identified as assault, battery, and dangerous threats to family members. The laws prohibit any household member from attacking each

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The outcome of a divorce can affect an individual’s life forever. Settling a divorce and dividing assets, debt, and determining if one spouse will