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A Bail Bondsmen Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank In Madison, AL

After an arrest, only a small portion of individuals is released on their recognizance. The majority of accused individuals have to pay bond money to be released from jail. Every bond company charges a fee to borrow the money, but an experienced Bail Bondsmen Madison AL can save an individual hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Understanding the bond system and the parameters the court set for the bond can be confusing. An individual can contact the bond company and ask any questions about the bond. An agreement with a bond company is a three-way agreement between the bond company, court, and the accused individual.

What Is A Bail Bond?

A criminal defendant has to post the bond to be released from jail. Bond can be posted with cash, property or by a bail bond company. It is easier to hire a bail bond so there is no confusion about the release.

Always Available

A bail bondsmen company is available 24 hours a day, six days a week. They understand that arrests and bond hearings do not always take place during normal office hours. The personnel also understand that remaining in jail can be frightening and confusing and will work aggressively to free the individual. A bail bondsmen company will also notify an individual of all of their court hearings.

Bonding An Individual Out Of Jail

In order to bond someone out of jail, an individual will have to complete an application at the Bail Bondsmen Madison, AL and pay the bond fee. This fee ranges from eight to fifteen percent of the bond amount. The individual who is completing the application will have to be employed at a full-time job for a year or longer or own property.

An individual will need a valid Alabama ID. The bond fee is never refundable and it will take approximately one or two hours to gain the release of an individual. The bail bondsmen will go to the jail and post the bond.

If your loved one needs to be released from jail, A Discount Bonding Co. Inc offers the services that will be needed to achieve this. Please feel free to visit online to learn more about the services.