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A Personal Injury Lawyer In Storrs CT Can Protect Your Rights

When you’re injured through the negligence of another individual, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, personal property loss and much more. The best way to obtain fair compensation is with the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs CT. Trying to talk to an insurance company and obtain a fair settlement is impossible because they’re trying to keep as much money as possible in their pocket. A lawyer that’s experienced in personal injury law can successfully settle a case for a client. A victim should be emotionally and physically victimized and have to suffer financial losses due to no fault of their own.

Medical malpractice is a form of personal injury. Proving this type of case is extremely difficult, and experienced medical professionals will help an attorney review the facts of the case. A malpractice case occurs when someone’s been improperly treated by someone in the medical field and suffered damages. In some cases, a medical malpractice claim could lead to a wrongful death case. Families of an individual who suffered injuries that resulted in their death may be entitled to compensation. A parent, spouse, child or executor of an estate can file on behalf of the deceased individual.

Car, motorcycle and trucking accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries. With the busy highways and distracted drivers, accidents happen frequently. The attorney will have a team review the medical records and reports. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs CT will interview witnesses and engage in a private investigation when necessary. An individual should always seek medical treatment immediately after an accident if they’ve been injured. Failure to obtain medical treatment could jeopardize a case. If a victim doesn’t finish their medical treatment, it could also hurt their case for settlement purposes.

Whatever type of personal injury someone’s received due to someone else’s carelessness, it’s important to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Mounting medical bills and permanent injuries can affect their lives forever. Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP have been serving victims of personal injuries for many years. Their experience and talent will get someone the results they need.