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An Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA Handles a Broad Range of Cases

An accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA may handle a broad range of cases. Vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall incidents tend to be the most common situations for which these attorneys provide legal representation for plaintiffs. More unusual incidents sometimes happen as well. A load of paneling or lumber falling from a shelf at a lumber yard can seriously injure a customer walking nearby, for example.

Categories of Vehicular Accidents

Although injury attorneys most often tend to represent clients injured in vehicle accidents, there are different types of these accidents. Collisions between passenger vehicles are the most frequent, but people can be seriously hurt in collisions involving semi trucks, transit buses, powerboats, snowmobiles, and other motorized equipment. The cases can become very complex when a large trucking company or a city’s government is involved.

The Main Goal

The goal of the attorney and their client typically is to obtain the maximum amount of financial compensation possible so all the bills are paid and the injured person does not have to feel overwhelmed with expenses. It may take some time before the dollar amount is known in regard to all medical expenses, physical therapy, and any other ongoing treatment.


Nearly always, an accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA has to negotiate with an insurance company and not an individual or a business owner. The most fundamental parts of the settlement include financial compensation for medical bills related to the accident and lost income while the person cannot work. The lawyer may ask for compensation for other aspects, such as taxi fares for necessary trips if the client cannot drive while recovering.

Delayed Symptoms

Many injuries can have delayed symptoms. Whiplash is a very common example, and concussions can have delayed symptoms too. If the person delayed seeking medical attention, the insurer may dispute that the injury actually resulted from the accident. Attorneys with a firm such as Price Perkins Larkin need documentation that, in the doctor’s expert opinion, the accident was definitely the cause of the injury. In some instances, an additional expert witness may be needed to support the client’s claim.

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