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Discussing A Case With Divorce Lawyers Bee Cave, TX

In Texas, divorces present challenging circumstances for couples and their families. The life events require petitioners to follow specific guidelines and make choices based on how their marriage failed. Divorce Lawyers Bee Cave TX explain the law to petitioners and guide them through the proceedings.

What are the Divorce Grounds?

The state laws offer both no-fault and fault-based divorce grounds. The no-fault grounds include irreconcilable differences and don’t assign blame to either party. All fault-based grounds require evidence to substantiate the claims. The petitioner needs evidence that shows the defendant was involved in an extramarital affair if they use adultery as their divorce grounds.

How is Marital Property Divided?

Marital property is divided equally, and some assets are sold to provide an equal division. The state offers protection for inherited assets and properties. Any property included in a prenuptial agreement is protected, and the agreement is upheld by the court. The division is based on an appraised value of all assets.

Is Alimony Available?

Alimony is available for petitioners who have been married for at least ten years. The spousal support is provided if a spouse requires financial support after the divorce. Some alimony awards equate to the full payment for a college degree program. Alimony is either permanent or rehabilitative. Permanent alimony stops when the former spouse remarries.

Medical Insurance and Special Needs

The child custody order denies inclusions for medical insurance coverage. Typically, one party pays for insurance coverage for the child, and the couple splits any special needs. Tuition for special schools or payments for additional care isn’t included in child support. Child support, on the other hand, is based on how many children were produced during the marriage and the income of each party.

In Texas, divorces start with a motion filed in court. The defendant receives the summons and must agree to the agreement or contest the divorce. All marital property is divided equally, and some assets are sold to keep the amount equal. Alimony is paid to spouses who cannot support themselves financially after a divorce. Petitioners who need more information can contact Divorce Lawyers Bee Cave TX by visiting right now.