Discussing a Medical Malpractice with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Yelm, WA

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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In Washington, a medical malpractice case defines an error made by a medical doctor. It could indicate a failure to produce high-quality health care for the victim. It could also present additional issues that connect the case to a product’s liability based on the doctor’s choices. A personal injury lawyer in Yelm, WA helps victims of these unfortunate events.

What Mistake Was Made by the Doctor?

The primary objective is to define the mistake made by the doctor. Did the doctor provide the wrong medication? Was there a step missed during a surgery? The answers to these questions identify how the doctor failed to provide an adequate level of care for the patient.

Was the Injury Reversible?

Permanent injuries could present serious consequences for doctors. An error that isn’t reversible could present the patient with a disfigurement, loss of limb, or chronic condition. The nature of the condition could define how the patient lives the rest of their life, such as preventing them from working ever again. It could also take away vital functions such as walking, talking, or providing care for their children.

How Did This Mistake Affect the Patient?

The claim must show how the medical mistake has affected the patient. The attorney may present medical evidence to show a higher volume of treatment needed for the condition produced. They could also show new challenges the patient will face if the condition couldn’t be repaired.

Testimony of the Medical Witness

A medical doctor provides testimony in these cases to define the condition. They show where the defendant made the medical mistake that has cost the patient, and they show an alternative choice that could have stopped their new condition from happening. They present testimony that supports the liability claim against the defendant.

In Washington, medical malpractice is a profound error produced by a medical doctor. This could imply a lack of skill or an unethical choice made without the patient’s consent. The claim against the doctor must show that their actions are conclusive with the injuries produced. Victims of medical malpractices should contact a personal injury lawyer in Yelm, WA or Visit Attorneys Putnam Lieb Potvin today.