FAQs About Metro Accidents In Greenbelt

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Maryland, victims of metro accidents could sustain more serious injuries depending on the circumstances of the accident. These accidents could equate to damage within one section or due to a derailment that injures multiple passengers. The following are FAQs about Metro Accidents in Greenbelt.

Who Manages Metro Accidents?

The Metro Transit Authority must launch an investigation at any time that a metro accident occurs. The investigation must determine how the accident occurred. While the investigation occurs, the transit authority must arrange for all victims to receive medical treatment for their injuries. They are required to handle these expenses for the victims. The transit authority can manage insurance claims for each victim based on the severity of their injuries.

How are Victims Compensated?

Initially, the victims won’t have to worry about the expenses of their medical costs. However, if they have more extensive injuries that require extended medical treatment, the authority must manage these expenses. Typically, the victim receives a settlement based on their injuries and how they affect the victim’s life. If a fatality occurs, the authority must provide the family with a settlement.

Do the Circumstances of the Accident Affect the Victim’s Award?

The circumstances could affect how the victims are compensated. If the investigation determines that the transit authority isn’t at fault, the victims must acquire compensation from the liable party. The investigation that shows how the accident occurs determines who is liable for these injuries. If the operator was intoxicated, the transit authority isn’t liable; the driver is.

Who is Liable for the Victim’s Injuries?

The responsible party identified in the investigation is typically liable for these injuries. However, if further investigations indicate further parties involved, the victims have the right to seek legal action against these parties for compensation for their injuries.

In Maryland, victims of metro accidents could sustain life-threatening injuries quickly. The circumstances of these accidents could equate to criminal acts, mismanagement of maintenance, and faulty parts used for the transit system. If the victim dies, their family could acquire settlements based on lifetime earnings. Victims who need Metro Accidents in Greenbelt contact Jaklitsch Law Group for more info now.