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by | Jul 27, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

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In Massachusetts, a personal injury victim has a limit of three years to file a formal claim to collect damages. According to the statute of limitations, the victim must file a claim before the third anniversary of their accident. Any failure forfeits their right to collect. A Medical Bills Attorney helps them through this process to prevent a forfeiture.

Reviewing the Circumstances of the Accident

The circumstances of the accident dictate how the case proceeds. For example, if it is a medical malpractice, the victim must show medical evidence that shows an avoidable error. The circumstances should imply that the doctor didn’t know how to perform the procedure. Another reason could be that he or she didn’t follow protocol for the procedure. Medical errors that are applicable to medication implies that the doctor provided the wrong option or waiting too long to provide it.

Identifying the Liability

The liability is indicated by the knowledge of a condition and failing to remedy or avoid it. In a medical malpractice, the liability is proven by the low quality of health care provided. If it were a car accident, the liability may include driving while under the influence or reckless driving.

Assessing the Victim’s Injuries

The victim’s injuries are detailed in their medical records. These records show the extent of their injuries and explain how they happened. These records allow the victim to present these injuries to the court appropriately.

Calculating the Full Expenses and Losses of the Victim

The expenses include the patient’s medical expenses and any wages they lost. The judge reviews these requirements and determines if additional damages are warranted. For example, if it was a medical malpractice, they may award punitive damages based on pain and suffering. These awards are used to punish doctor’s for providing inadequate health services.

In Massachusetts, personal injury victims must act quickly to secure an award. They should file a formal claim while all information is readily-available. Their attorney helps them manage the acquisition of proof needed to present the claim. Victims that need assistance should contact a Medical Bills Attorney at Daniel and Fontaine LLC  or their Twitter today for more information.

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