Get Legal Advice From a Trust Administration Lawyer in Yucaipa CA

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Lawyers

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If you’re thinking about creating a trust by using a trust administration lawyer in Yucaipa CA, it’s good to know the benefits you may receive. This can help your loved ones save thousands of dollars when you pass on your assets to them.

Trusts Can Help Reduce Estate Taxes

If you have a spouse who you’re planning to leave your assets to after you pass away, it’s best if you schedule an appointment and visit with a trust administration lawyer Yucaipa CA. They may discover that you should use a trust instead of a will in your specific situation. A trust can help you pass on your assets and protect your family from having to pay the government an excessive amount of their inheritance. You’ll be armed with the knowledge you need after visiting with an experienced attorney like one of the ones you’ll find at the Betty Auton-Beck Professional Law Corporation.

Protect a Loved One Who Has a Permanent Disability

When you have a child who has a disability, it’s important to speak with a trust administration lawyer Yucaipa CA who can explain your best options. If you draw up a will and leave assets to a son or daughter who has a permanent disability and receives government benefits, this can put your loved one in a difficult position as they might lose their benefits. In this situation, it’s probably best to utilize the protection of a trust. You can learn more about this important scenario by visiting with a knowledgeable attorney at the Betty Auton-Beck Professional Law Corporation. When you require this type of help, be sure to visit us website.

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