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Get The Help You Need With A Warrenville Wrongful Death Attorney

When someone dies and it is determined to be the fault of another person or entity the survivors of the victim, or the victim’s family, can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of the deceased. The best way to ensure that your lawsuit is successful and gets you the results that you want is to hire a Warrenville wrongful death attorney to represent your loved one and fight to get them justice.

Who Can Have a Wrongful Death Filed Against Them

Wrongful death suits seek to get compensation for the family of a victim of a wrongful death. The compensation can be in retribution for lost wages to help support the family left behind, survivors damages, funeral expenses and lost companionship. Wrongful death suits can be brought against individuals, public agencies, cities, private and state run hospitals, jails or prisons, nursing homes, long term care facilities and public companies.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

When someone dies as the result of negligence there are certain people that can file a suit on their behalf. If a child is killed his or her parents or siblings may claim damages. When a person is married only the spouse or children can file for damages. If an adult is killed a spouse or children may file for damages. It can get complicated with different family relationships and extenuating circumstances so the best thing to do is speak with your lawyer to find out who can and who cannot file a claim for wrongful death.

Putting Together the Evidence

When filing a wrongful death case the lawyers must present a preponderance of evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the death really was the result of negligence. Lawyers are able to put together a solid case using their extensive experience and expertise to present their case. They will fight hard to get the outcome that their clients deserve. They can also hire experts to testify in court or on the record about how the death happened and how it will impact the survivors and family left behind.

Determining Monetary Awards

Your wrongful death lawyer will help you determine how much damages to seek in a lawsuit. There are many aspects that need to be considered when coming up with a sum. Some things that your lawyer may consider include loss of wages, loss of companionship, medical expenses and funeral expenses but there are many other things that could be considered that will increase the amount of compensation received. Your lawyer can help you determine exactly how much to ask for.