Hire A Criminal Lawyer In Philadelphia if Facing a Misdemeanor or Felony

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Criminal Lawyer

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Have you been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony? Is it possible that an indictment will be handed down against you soon? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, it’s important to immediately contact a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia. Indictments are usually issued in very serious felony charges that result in long jail terms if convicted of a crime. A criminal lawyer will be immediately available if an arrest is imminent for an indictment. They can immediately request a bail hearing and begin a defense gathering of evidence in the case. Although misdemeanors are not as serious as felonies, they can also carry jail time as part of the sentencing for a conviction of a crime.

If someone gets sent to jail, they should never discuss the case with fellow inmates. Although an inmate wants to give their input on the case, they can very easily use the information to get a better deal on their case, if the opportunity arises. In addition, don’t speak on the telephone to friends or family and discuss anything involving the case. All telephone calls from a jail or prison are recorded and used as evidence gathering tools for trial or for information. Although your family may want to know the details of the arrest, do not talk about the case with anyone but a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia.

If you are stopped by police and questioned, do not supply any information about the case. There is a very good chance you will be arrested after answering a few simple questions. Anything that is said during a question and answer session is voluntarily given and could be used against someone in the court of law. Anything that is said after your rights have been read can also be used against you. Don’t speak to anyone but a criminal lawyer about your case. It’s important to be honest with a lawyer so they can begin to properly build a defense for your case. They offer a free consultation and can offer various options for a defense of criminal charges. For more information on criminal legal representation, please visit us website.

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