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How Does A Social Security Lawyer Compute Their Fee?

Many lawyers charge their clients an up-front fee or ask that they give a retainer to handle their case. This is not the way a Social Security lawyer in Aurora works, this lawyer works on what is known as a “contingency fee.” When a lawyer accepts a case based on this fee arrangement he or she is willing to wait until the case has been won or to forgo any compensation should the case be lost.

A fee agreement is required:

The Social Security Administration reserves the right to review the fee arrangement should your case be successful. You and your lawyer will enter into a fee agreement; the agreement is reviewed by the SSA to ensure it meets the guidelines. In this way, you are protected and the lawyer is guaranteed his or her fee. All fee agreements made between the client and a Social Security lawyer in Aurora must be based on a contingency arrangement.

What fee are you agreeing to?

The lawyer that agrees to take your case also agrees to limit the fee to 25 percent of the back pay that is granted, the most you can expect to pay is $6,000. The fee is only paid from the back pay. If the lawyer loses the case or there is no back pay award then of course, there are no legal fees due.

The beauty of this arrangement is that as the disabled applicant, you are not required to pay anything out of your pocket. Upon a successful conclusion of your case, Social Security pays your lawyer direct, in a sense you have had expert legal assistance for no cost. The only other monies that might be due to the lawyer are any of his out of pocket expenses, which are rarely a large amount of money.

Having a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Aurora is a very good idea, their fee is set by the Administration and is payable only when they win your case. To discuss your case in detail you are welcome to contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd.