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Plea Bargaining: Arrests in Cambridge, MD Can End with a Practical Deal

An arrest on a DWI may seem like a major disaster. It often is, but not all arrests in Cambridge, MD on DWI end in major repercussions and jail time. Some people are able to learn their lesson fairly and avoid the consequences of jail time and the expense of tens of thousands of dollars. The better solution for many arrested under a DWI charge is a plea bargain.

A plea bargain is an agreement, in simple terms, to come to an arrangement. It is some version of pleading guilty and accepting lower consequences because of it. There are variations and ways to explore a plea bargain. Most lawyers agree that a plea bargain is a relatively safe and practical way to resolve a DWI arrest. The court will favor someone who owns their mistake, and they will diminish the consequences because of it. There are also a few excellent features of a plea bargain that go unrealized to anyone that skips it.

Anytime, Anywhere

A plea bargain can be confronted at any time. A defendant can be unwilling to opt for a guilty plea for the entire case, only to change their mind in the final hour. There is no stipulation for how a plea bargain is presented and when it is done so. Of course, it is always wise (and sometimes legally required) to get the presence of a lawyer when announcing the desire for a plea bargain. You can visit our website for more details.

What Is Practical Doesn’t Always Work

Plea bargains can potentially backfire because there is no obligation for a prosecutor to accept any deal. This may be a situation that arises when the prosecution is looking for strong justice and has a vendetta. If, for example, someone is injured, a plea bargain may be ignored.

The fact that a plea bargain can be approached at any time is a great benefit. It means that the defendant can move forward without that intention and leave the variables of the case open. Yet, a plea bargain is universally considered the fastest way to move past the arrests in Cambridge, MD and onto solid ground and a better future.