Preparing for an Initial Visit to a Bankruptcy Attorney in Birmingham, AL

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Lawyers

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In today’s uncertain economic climate, many people are having to choose between putting food on the table and paying creditors. Even with a two-family income, it can be hard to have enough money for all expenses. Getting heavily into debt is sometimes a result of this situation. To find relief from debt and get a new financial start in life, it’s a good idea to visit a bankruptcy attorney in Birmingham, AL. Use the following tips to prepare for the initial visit.

To get ready for the first visit with a bankruptcy attorney in Birmingham, AL obtain and complete client intake forms. These forms ask for general biographical information such as a person’s name, address, place of employment, marital status, and phone number. A potential client will also be asked for financial information, which can include listing all current debts within a certain time period. Return these to the lawyer at least a few days prior to the first visit.

It’s essential to get all documents organized for the initial visit because most lawyers operate on tight schedule. Purchase a few inexpensive folders for this purpose and label them for easy identification. Ask the lawyer or a member of his staff for a list of required information to bring. The following is some of the information that will be needed:

  • the last three years’ income statements
  • the last six months’ paycheck stubs
  • the last six months’ credit card bills
  • the last six months’ bank statements

It’s helpful to review this information beforehand to help the lawyer identify relevant details. Don’t leave out any information and let the lawyer decide what pertains to the situation. Also, be ready to tell the lawyer an account of the events that lead to being in debt. Avoid omitting details simply because they may be too embarrassing, because the lawyer will need to have complete knowledge of your situation to help you find relief from debt. In addition, be prepared to pay for the initial visit. Ask the lawyer how much this will be ahead of time. For more information on bankruptcy services, please meet Forstman & Cutchen to talk about the options available.