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Reviewing Requirements With A Child Adoption Attorney In Green Bay, WI

In Wisconsin, prospective parents learn more about the adoption process when an opportunity presents itself. These individuals have been experiencing issues conceiving a child of their own. When these circumstances arise, adoption could provide a real answer for these hopeful parents. The following is a review of the requirements as provided by a Child Adoption Attorney in Green Bay WI.

Finding the Right Child

The hopeful parents must find the right child to start the process. They may work with an adoption agency to find a child. If the parents prefer to adopt a newborn, the adoption agency could find an expectant mother who wants to place their child up for adoption. Under these circumstances, the adoptive parents are required to pay the medical costs for the mother and the child.

Preliminary Interview Process

A social worker is assigned to the case once the process begins. The social worker performs a complete interview with the parents. They must learn vital details about the parents to assess possible risks. They conduct criminal background checks to determine if the applicants have been convicted of a crime associated with children.

The Home Study and Assessment

The home study and assessment is conducted to determine if the property is appropriate for children. The parents must have enough space for the child. They must also have a safe living environment. The parents’ income is also assessed at this time to ensure that they can support the child financially.

The Formal Hearing

The formal hearing is scheduled after the parents are approved for adoption. During the process, the judge makes the adoption official. They also determine if the parents want to change the child’s name. Older children can also decide if they want to change their last name at this time.

In Wisconsin, prospective parents follow specific steps when they choose to adopt. They must complete each step of the assessment and ensure that they meet the standards for adoption. They must also complete a home study and strenuous background check. Prospective parents contact a Child Adoption Attorney in Green Bay WI through Brabazon Law Office LLC for more information now.