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Seeking Counsel from a Product Liability Lawyer

Not all injuries happen due to the actions of another person. There are times when an individual sustains some type of physical or emotional damage due to the malfunction of a product. When this happens, the best move is to seek counsel from a product liability lawyer. Here is what the lawyer will do on behalf of the client.

Examining the Evidence
Before any type of legal action is filed, the product liability lawyer will want to understand everything there is to know about the situation. This goes beyond confirming the medical condition of the client. It is necessary to seek information from professionals that would indicate the product cited was the underlying cause of the injury. Taking it one step further, the lawyer will want to confirm that the client followed the instructions provided with the product to the letter. This is important since attempting to use the product in any way other than the one recommended by the manufacturer would mean there is no case.

The Nature of the Defect
Assuming the product was used as directed and an injury still took place, that means there is some type of defect with the product. The lawyer will want to identify what led to the product causing the injury. Was the design of the product the reason for the mishap? Perhaps the design is fine, but some error in the production process is the underlying cause. The defect may not even be with the product itself, but with the marketing elements associated with the product. In the latter category, this could be anything from incomplete usage instructions to promotional material that makes claims the product could never fulfill.

Seeking a Settlement
When there is evidence that product liability does exist, the responsible party will likely be open to a settlement. The lawyer can negotiate the terms, keeping in mind the financial losses, medical bills, and other types of damage sustained by the client. In the best case scenario, it is possible to reach an equitable settlement and help the client to move on from the incident.

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