When Do You Need a Premises Liability Attorney in Lake City, FL?

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Attorneys

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Accidents happen. Some are completely unavoidable, but some could have been prevented, saving the victim from the pain and suffering associated with an injury. When a person is on someone else’s property and an accident takes place, it could be time to contact a premises liability attorney in Lake City, FL to arrange for representation. Victims can then seek out compensation for what happened. It can be tough to put together a case without a legal representative.

An Injury on Someone Else’s Property

It’s important to meet with a premises liability attorney in Lake City, FL as soon as possible if an accident occurred on someone else’s property. This can be the neighbor’s yard, an area at work, or even a local store. All of these locations are someone else’s property and they are responsible for their upkeep and maintenance.

Owner Knew About Risk

After the injury, if a victim learns that the owner knew that there was a risk of injury on the property, an immediate call to an attorney is in order. This means that the owner could be held liable for their disregard for the condition of the property. It suggests that they knew that something could happen but chose not to remedy the situation.

Owner Didn’t Warn

The case becomes even more obvious when the property owner doesn’t warn others that there is an issue. Usually, if someone is mopping the floors in a store, bright cones or signs are put up to prevent customers from walking by and potentially slipping. However, what happens if there is a leak in the ceiling, water has been pooling on the floor, and there are no signs letting people know that walking on the floors could be risky? If an attorney can prove that an injury occurred because a property owner knew about a certain risk and didn’t warn anyone, a victim could be entitled to compensation.

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