Why it is Important to File Your Disability Claim Immediately

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Lawyers

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The wheels of the U.S. federal government turn slowly, and the Social Security Administration may be the best example of that diligence when making a final determination on a disability claim. There are many factors that can apply, such as the age of the claimant, and winning approval is often only accomplished with the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney like Jeffrey A. Rabin disability lawyer in Evanston who is dedicated to handling disability cases as the exclusive firm practice area. Disability cases can be complicated, especially when the claimant suffers from multiple conditions that impact each other, and having a dedicated disability attorney means your representative will know exactly what information can be used the most effectively in the appeal process.

Filing Immediately After Diagnosis

It is never a good decision to wait when it is apparent a disability claim may be inevitable because the government will take its time when processing a claim. The Social Security Administration is diligent when making a final ruling because they know it will be permanent for Supplemental Security Disability Income claims. While it a reasonable decision to begin the claim without the benefit of legal counsel, it is still probably not the best first step. Retaining a disability lawyer in Evanston beforehand could be the best move even when just initiating the claim. The SSA has a wide variety of rules they can use even on the first application as a reason for a denial, including on Supplemental Security Income claims. This ultimately amounts to more delay, even for the obvious cases, and having an attorney from the beginning could make the process quicker in the long run because your legal counsel is already familiar with the case.

Do Not Delay Call Today

Never let a claimable disability go on until it becomes more severe. When disability is a serious consideration, always call an experienced disability lawyer in Evanston from the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates who can get to work on the claim from the very beginning. Follow us on google+.