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2 Reasons Why It’s Time to Talk With a Divorce Lawyer in Sheboygan WI

Marriages end for a number of reasons. Sometimes people simply grow apart. At other times, financial issues, infidelity, or other issues lead to the desire to go separate ways. If you and your spouse have decided that salvaging the marriage is not practical, it’s time for each of you to find a divorce lawyer in Sheboygan WI and begin the proceedings. Here are two common reasons why couples opt for divorces.

Counseling Hasn’t Made Things Better

Marriage counseling is often one of the first things that troubled couples try. In some cases, the counseling can help the couple overcome whatever is happening and emerge stronger than ever. At other times, the counseling makes it abundantly clear that the two parties should not be together.

If you and your spouse tried counseling and it didn’t resolve the issues, it’s time to find a divorce lawyer in Sheboygan WI. Choosing to visit us will help you understand the current divorce laws and what it will take to come up with a plan that both of you can live with.

One or Both Spouses Want to Move On

While there’s still some affection between the two of you, it’s of a more platonic nature. The agreement to end the marriage is mutual and you’d like to do it while the two of you are still on a friendly basis. A divorce lawyer in Sheboygan WI can help you prepare for an amicable divorce and even work with your spouse’s attorney to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

Whatever the reasons behind the divorce, it’s important for each person to seek out legal counsel. Doing so makes it easier to address all the details in a timely manner and hopefully come to a quick resolution that suits everyone involved. Call Roth & Basler, S.C. today or visit us to schedule a consultation.