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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working With an Accident Lawyer in Waldorf

After an auto accident, not every mistake will jeopardize the claim, but some errors may make it harder for an attorney to negotiate a fair settlement. In this guide, claimants will find out which mistakes they should avoid when working with an Accident Lawyer in Waldorf.

Not Calling the Police

Victims should call the police from the accident scene and get a copy of the police report. If they fail to do it, they may get into a dispute with the at-fault driver’s insurer as to the circumstances of the event. Additionally, a victim may deprive themselves of important information that could be used to build a successful case.

Not Getting Medical Care

It’s crucial to see a doctor after an auto accident, even if the injuries appear to be minor. Some injuries don’t appear for days or even weeks after a crash. When treatment is delayed, a victim risks making their injuries worse, and they give the other party’s insurer a reason to argue that the condition was pre-existing.

Not Preserving Evidence

If the accident scene evidence isn’t preserved, it may be lost, and it will be much harder to prove the responsible party’s negligence. Preservation of evidence includes taking videos and pictures of the accident scene, the damage to the vehicle, road conditions, weather conditions, and accident-related injuries. Furthermore, the victim should get insurance and contact information for the at-fault driver, and they should get contact information for all witnesses.

Giving a Recorded Statement

Recorded statements are monitored question-and-answer sessions between the victim and the insurance adjuster. It’s not necessary to give a statement to receive a settlement, and it’s easy to say things that may ruin the claim. It’s rarely good to give a statement, and if a victim is asked for one, they should politely decline to do so.

Not Consulting an Attorney

By not calling an Accident Lawyer in Waldorf immediately after a crash, the victim limits the attorney’s ability to investigate the cause, gather evidence, and build a claim for damages. Call the Jaklitsch Law Group today to schedule a consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable accident lawyer in the area.