5 Things Criminal Lawyers in Mattoon, IL Wish Clients Knew

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Criminal Lawyer

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When a person needs a criminal attorney, it is rarely their finest hour. Below are several things criminal attorneys wish clients knew, as such knowledge can improve the chances of a successful defense.

The Lawyer’s Job is to Mount a Solid Defense, Within Reason

Honesty is critical in the attorney/client relationship. However, if a person plans to testify to something they have admitted isn’t true, an honest lawyer should keep the client from testifying under oath. Criminal attorneys in Mattoon, IL do not like being put into such a position, but a defendant can avoid it by asking hypothetical questions about certain aspects of the case.

Appearances Matter

Attorneys realize that not every criminal defendant will have a suit and tie to wear to court, but options exist outside of jeans and t-shirts. When a client is in doubt, they should dress conservatively. A good criminal lawyer will say, “if it’s not good enough to wear to church, it’s not good enough to wear to court.”

Talk to the Attorney and No One Else

This tip is useful from the moment the defendant is arrested until the case’s final adjudication. By discussing the case’s facts with no one but the attorney, a client can increase his or her chances of a favorable outcome.

Provide the Attorney with Sufficient Information

It is critical for the client to provide the names and contact information of anyone who can substantiate an alibi, even if divulging the information could impact other areas of life. Strife occurring in these other areas is much less important than the potential of a lengthy prison sentence.

Realize That a Partial Win is Still a Win

Even if an acquittal is unlikely, some resolutions are better than others. In some instances, a plea bargain is all a client can achieve. Outcomes depend on the case’s evidence and other factors, such as the defendant’s criminal history.

Much of a criminal case occurs behind the scenes, where the client is not well informed. Criminal attorneys in Mattoon, IL closely examine discovery material, searching for contradictions and anomalies. A competent criminal attorney will do what it takes to achieve the best outcome for the client.