5 Ways a Probate Attorney in Beaver Dam, WI Can Help

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Lawyers

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A person’s estate plan is their legal legacy. While it may be possible to plan alone for the end of life, it is not always advisable. Estate plans are more than a list of who gets what when a person dies. Even if the planner’s wishes are straightforward, ensuring their legal effectiveness can be complex. Below are five things estate lawyers with QBS Law S.C. Beaver Dam WI can do that clients cannot.

Proper Will Customization

Will templates are readily available online, and they are easy to fill out. However, most people’s assets, lives, and families do not fit neatly into such a generic form. If a person tries to modify part of a form will, they risk invalidating the entire document. In these situations, it is wise to have an estate planning lawyer create the document from scratch.

Avoid Estate and Probate Taxes

If a client wants to keep their estate out of probate, a lawyer can help by using death beneficiaries, gifts, and joint ownership. However, trusts are the most common way to avoid estate and probate taxes. Just as with wills, there are many trust templates available-;and they are difficult to modify. Consult a Probate Attorney in Beaver Dam WI for help with trusts, estate planning, and probate tax questions.

Know Which Documents Fit the Situation

In some instances, a simple will is enough but, in others, a different type of trust may be necessary. An estate planning attorney can tell a client how little or how much work the estate will require, and they can help the client with other documents such as durable powers of attorney or living wills.

Tell Clients When it’s Time to Update the Plan

Life circumstances change, and yesterday’s plan may not work today. Changes in location, family, and assets may necessitate changes to a person’s estate plan. When a family moves to another state or has a baby, changing the will is usually the last thing on a client’s mind. However, having an attorney can help a person keep their will updated.

Keep Up With the Law

The state’s probate code isn’t reprinted every year just to sell books. Estate planning rules are changing constantly, and only estate planning lawyers know about the newest rules. If a person needs help with a will or other document, a Probate Attorney in Beaver Dam WI can help them ensure their wishes are honored before and after death.