6 Must-Have Skills of Good Lawyers in Poughkeepsie, NY

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Lawyers

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Lawyers are considered the backbone of the criminal justice system. A good attorney can save someone’s life and ensure an they get what they want or deserve. Dealing with the law is a tedious and a constraining task, and the layman cannot understand the jargon and technicalities that come with it.

This article features some of the top skills all lawyers in Poughkeepsie, NY should possess.

Communication Skills.

Effective communication is critical in ensuring that any legal process is successful. Communication is vital in negotiating, investigations, and interview. A well-articulated lawyer can well present the client in a court case. Proper communication skills also shields the lawyer from intimidation statements made by the other defending party


Analytical thinking helps the attorney channel a decision through numerous amounts of knowledge gathered from Law School. This type of thinking guides the attorney on the relevant and proper statement to make in response to accusations set forth. This means that the attorney readily and quickly makes sense of large volumes of information given.

Proper Judgement

For lawyers in Poughkeepsie, NY, drawing conclusions from limited knowledge is a fundamental basis for professionality. The conclusion one makes guides the case in the direction it takes. This skill also helps in pointing out flaws in arguments that can be used against the opposing side.


Adequate research is paramount in helping an attorney comprehend vital information. Before presenting a case, the attorney is expected to carry out extensive research to determine the underlying basis and get all the facts right.

Interpersonal Skills

Having people skills is relevant in building good relations with others. For an attorney, this helps in getting clients and forming a basis of trust. The ability to read others contributes in interpreting simple gestures, which gauges the level of honesty in a witness.


Thinking outside the box is sometimes the ultimate solution. This helps in providing solutions that will best challenge the opponent. In most cases, the right solution is never the best option. Having a creative mindset can aid in drawing appropriate conclusions regarding the case.

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