A Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula Represents Victims in Divorce and Child Custody Cases

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Lawyers

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A domestic violence attorney in Temecula frequently provides representation in divorce or child custody cases in which abuse has been a problem. That domestic abuse may be the reason for the divorce filing or for a parent to petition for an end to shared child custody. Family court judges are cautious to make sure there is evidence of the problem and that the petitioner is not lying.

Verifying Abusive Behavior

Sometimes, confirming abuse is difficult because the spouse has been hiding the problem all along, too embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone. Even evidence of physical violence can commonly be covered up with clothing. The person may have made excuses for facial bruises or other injuries. Victims often gradually become isolated from friends and family due to the controlling behavior of the spouse.

Brainwashing of the Victim

In many situations, the victim has essentially been brainwashed for a long time, especially after becoming isolated. Abusive spouses are occasionally able to make their victims believe the violence is deserved because they are not behaving properly. They are not accomplishing enough around the house, and they waste time. The abuser may claim the violent behavior is meant to discipline. Only when a particularly serious incident occurs does the other spouse finally flee and contact a domestic violence attorney in Temecula.

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Alcohol is often a factor in these relationships. The substance can fuel anger. Illegal drugs like anabolic steroids, methamphetamine and cocaine also are connected with aggressive and violent behavior. If this spouse wants to rebuild the marriage, anger management counseling along with alcohol and drug rehab may be required.

Legal Representation

An attorney with a firm such as the Law Office of Michelle Penna protects the client’s rights and provides legal representation to achieve a satisfactory resolution in the divorce or the child custody dispute. The client may need resources to help stay free of the abuser’s attempts at reconciliation or threats of further harm. A restraining order may be advisable if that person will not stop harassing the client. Anyone who needs legal representation can click here to schedule a consultation.