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A Drug Defense Attorney in Kutztown, PA. for Clients Arrested in School Zones

The idea of drug dealers pushing illegal substances on playgrounds is largely a myth, according to a 2017 article in Reason. Nevertheless, some sales do occur in school zones, defined as areas of 1,000 ft. around a school. Penalties can be significantly higher for people convicted of selling in these designated drug-free zones. A drug defense law attorney in Kutztown, PA. represents clients charged with this offense.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Pennsylvania has a mandatory two-year minimum sentence for people convicted of various drug-related crimes in these zones. The sentence is imposed on those convicted of possessing illegal drugs with the intent to deliver, delivering, or selling illegal substances. A drug defense law attorney in Kutztown, PA. works to convince the prosecution to drop or reduce the charges, or a judge to dismiss the case.

Protecting Young Persons

The law was developed to protect young persons when they are especially vulnerable to suggestions and pressure to try drugs. The legislators wanted to limit children’s and teenagers’ contact with the substances by keeping drugs away from schools.

Strategies Attorneys Avoid

Certain defense strategies tend to be ineffective, and lawyers avoid using them. Ignorance of the law, for example, is usually not allowed as an excuse for illegal behavior. The defendant might not have realized that the no-drug zone is always in place. It has this status even when school is not in session.

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