A Lawyer Can Help After Gas-Related Construction Accidents in Grand Haven

by | May 4, 2016 | Lawyers

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Compressed gases are used in many construction jobs, but they involve a variety of dangers. Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured in accidents related to compressed gas use. These construction accidents in Grand Haven area are typically due to poor handling practices or negligence. Here, readers can learn about the risks inherent in compressed gas use, and they can learn how an attorney can help after a serious injury.

Dangers Related to Compressed Gases

Gases are hazardous in multiple ways. They can be combustible, corrosive, poisonous, inert, explosive or any combination of the above. Gases can also be flammable, presenting a serious danger of explosion or fire. They can be highly toxic and reactive, quickly asphyxiating a person; this is true even of gases like nitrogen, which are normally regarded as harmless.

Other Risks of Compressed Gas Usage

The hazards mentioned above tend to be related to the gases themselves. Additionally, storage containers and methods can be dangerous. Examples include:

     *     Potential energy. These gases are held in highly pressurised canisters, and it’s possible for them to become projectiles or fragmentation explosives.

     *     Cracked and damaged containers can cause ruptures or leaks. If a gas container is leaking, there’s a significant danger of poisoning, explosion, fire and/or suffocation.

     *     Containers are heavy. If they are improperly stored or transported, they can fall on a worker and cause serious or fatal injuries.

Avoiding Accidents Related to Compressed Gas

Proper installation, design, usage and maintenance of compressed gases and containers is important to avoid Construction Accidents. If a container has a design flaw that leads to a construction accident, a lawyer may be able to help bring a product liability claim against the container’s manufacturer. If an employer fails to properly use and maintain containers, the worker may be able to file a claim against them.

Does a Person Hurt in an Accident Involving Compressed Gas Need an Attorney?

A construction accident attorney can help clients determine who is responsible for their injuries, and they can inform clients of their legal rights and potential remedies. Moreover, the attorney can advise clients of their options if someone else is to blame for Construction Accidents in Grand Haven.