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A Lawyer Can Help You Understand The Workers Compensation Law In Luzerne County PA

Being injured at work can be embarrassing and devastating to someone. Even if the employee wasn’t doing anything wrong, an accident at work could prohibit them from returning to work for weeks, months, or maybe forever. A worker needs to understand that the insurance the company has for their employees can cover their wages and medical costs, but a company won’t be quick to offer assistance to file a claim. Understanding the Workers Compensation Law in Luzerne County PA with the help of an experienced attorney is the only way to get through this process and be paid from the insurance policy.

Workers’ compensation insurance is very expensive for employers to carry on their employees. When claims are filed against the policy, it will increase the company’s rates. The company someone’s employed for and the insurance company will do everything they can to force an employee back to work before they’re able to. The paperwork can be burdensome and difficult to understand. One mistake on the application could mean there will be a denial of benefits. A work injury is considered any medical condition, injury, or disease that is caused by a worker’s job. The law does not list specific types of injuries, except it, does have to be related to the employee’s employment.

A worker should immediately tell their supervisor they’ve been injured on the job and seek medical treatment. Going home for the night and returning the next day to tell an employer could cause a denial of a claim. Under the Workers Compensation Law in Luzerne County PA, an employer has 21 days after they receive notice of the injury to agree or deny a claim. Before a worker’s wages are paid to them while they were off, there has to be medical proof from a doctor that confirms a worker was injured on the job. A worker will usually receive two-thirds of their weekly wages and will have to go to a company doctor for 90 days from the date of the injury.

If an employee is unable to return to work in the future, they will have to be considered permanently disabled. The Law Office of Robert D. Elias can help a worker through the entire process and work on a contingency basis.

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