A Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA Represents Clients Even If They Were Distracted While Walking

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Lawyers

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Accidents between pedestrians and cars are somewhat common in parking lots, although these accidents also sometimes occur as people cross a road or walk alongside a road. A Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA represents clients who have been seriously hurt in these incidents after being struck by a vehicle while on foot. Sometimes the driver’s insurance company tries to blame the victim for what happened.

Examples of Injuries

These types of accidents can have very severe results for the pedestrian. Internal organ injuries, traumatic brain injuries, serious fractures and permanent nerve damage are just a few examples. A Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA represents men and women who deserve compensation for medical expenses and lost wages after this type of incident.

Blaming the Victim

How does an insurer blame the pedestrian for what happened? A frequent accusation is that the person was not in a crosswalk. This could be the case on a city street as well as in a parking lot that has painted lines to move on foot from the vehicle area to the building. Drivers are required to stop for pedestrians there. The insurance company may have evidence that the pedestrian was not paying attention to traffic. Staring down at a cell phone while walking is a typical reason given.

Aspects of Investigations

Investigations by the insurance company and the plaintiff’s lawyer, an organization like Allen Law Firm, may include being able to view video from surveillance cameras. This is especially likely if the accident happened in a parking lot. Either that business or one next door is likely to have cameras filming the lot. Both sides may search for witnesses who were at the scene.

Some Good News

Although it may seem there can be no good news in this situation, lawyers know that insurance companies usually do not win these cases. Defensive drivers are supposed to be watching for pedestrians, even those who are not in crosswalks. If an investigation shows that there clearly was almost no way to avoid hitting the person on foot, then the insurance company may successfully avoid paying on the claim.

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