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A Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL Files Lawsuits on Behalf of Those Injured in Automotive Accidents

When someone causes a serious injury to another person, an insurance policy usually is responsible for paying financial compensation. In Florida, automotive insurance companies pay for their own policyholder’s medical bills and property damage, even if another driver caused the collision. Unfortunately, the insurance coverage may not be high enough to pay for all the expenses. A Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL may be able to help.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the driver who caused the accident might be able to pay compensation to the injured person, a Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL may file a lawsuit against that individual. After this man or woman has been served papers by the court, the lawyer can petition to perform discovery of assets, potentially uncovering assets that are relatively hidden.

Obtaining Payment

A judge might require the at-fault driver to pay a lump sum amount by dissolving some assets such as a certificate of deposit, or through a lien on real estate, a vehicle or a boat. Wages might be garnished for ongoing payments to the injured person. Wage garnishment is uncommon in personal injury cases, however.

Tangible and Intangible Costs

Tangible expenses are the easiest to have a judge order to be paid by the driver who caused the incident. These include hospital and doctor bills, and lost wages while the person cannot work. Sometimes intangible costs are included, such as emotional trauma and physical suffering. Including those costs is more likely to be successful when negotiating with an insurance company rather than having a judge issue a court order to an individual.

Scheduling a Consultation

It’s in the person’s best interests to contact a law firm such as Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne as soon as it becomes clear that there won’t be enough insurance money to pay for all the bills. The lawyer can determine whether filing a lawsuit would be a reasonable option in this situation and begin the process of doing so if the person wants to move forward. The individual can bring along all financial documents related to the accident after scheduling a free initial consultation. Click Here to get started.’