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A Social Security Lawyer Can Help You Win At The Appeal Stage

If you have yet to reach retirement age and a disability keeps you from earning an income, Social Security disability benefits can prove to be a virtual “lifesaver.” Social Security provides much needed financial assistance for millions of Americans that cannot work due to a physical or mental disability that is forecasted to last more than a year.

Knowing that there is financial assistance available and getting it are often two different things. The entire process of claiming benefits is fraught with difficulties; this is why many applicants hire disability lawyers in Missouri. When a seasoned lawyer has involved the chance of being approved for your much-needed benefits is greatly improved.

How can disability lawyers help?

Due to the complexity of federal government forms, many people applying for disability benefits from Social Security wither provide too much or too little in the way of supporting medical evidence. If you have unexplained gaps in your records you can assume your claim will be denied. Perhaps the most important thing disability lawyers in Missouri can do is to gather all your medical records, review them infinite detail and submit those that are most pertinent to your claim.

Doctor’s opinion:

In the event, you’re medical records are insufficient to support your claim, your lawyers can get written opinions from physicians and other medical personnel that have treated you. Doctors are busy people but they are more likely to respond to a lawyer’s inquiry than yours.

Getting ready for your hearing:

If you have been denied benefits, eventually you will be called to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Disability lawyers in Missouri have helped many clients through these interviews, they can anticipate the questions that will be asked and help you formulate your responses. Being prepared to respond to questions from the Judge makes it less likely you might jeopardize your case by saying something that can be interpreted wrong.

Disability lawyers in Missouri know through experience what to expect as your progress your Social Security disability claim. To discuss your claim in detail you are invited to contact Grundy Disability Group, LLC.