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A Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington, VT Can Help Clients Avoid These Mistakes

Any injury can have lasting effects, but an on-the-job injury can magnify the stress and anxiety. Dealing with pain, time away from work, mounting bills, and lost income is difficult, and many just want to put the incident behind them and move forward. Workers’ compensation is intended to make an injured employee whole, but the claims process can be intimidating. If a worker is confused about their claim, they should speak to a Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT who can help them avoid the mistakes listed here.

Forgetting to Report the Incident

Injured workers should report the injury as soon as possible. Failing to make a report promptly can substantially jeopardize a future workers’ compensation claim. All injuries should be reported, regardless of severity, and clients should not assume that a minor injury will not be eligible for compensation. In some cases, injuries can worsen over the following days.

Not Seeing the Right Doctor

If an injury happens in the workplace, the employer is legally allowed to choose a doctor. To be eligible for workers’ comp benefits, the employee must undergo an exam by the company’s doctor. A worker can choose his or her own physician if the employer fails to do so, but the chosen doctor must be qualified to make a diagnosis of and treat the injury.

Not Getting a Second Opinion

Although workers’ comp laws require employees to see the company’s doctor, they also allow the worker to get a second opinion if they disagree with the first diagnosis. The employer is allowed to choose the doctor to provide the second opinion and, in some instances, this step is necessary for getting the employee the appropriate compensation.

Concealing Information From Doctors

Patients should be honest with their doctor, and they should completely and concisely describe the pain, symptoms, and effects of the injury. Many people think they should tough it out when they are hurt, but failing to communicate the extent of the injury can damage a workers’ compensation claim.

Hire a Work Injury Attorney

When a patient hires a Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT after an accident, they are more likely to get the compensation needed to move forward after a serious work injury. If an employee is denied workers’ comp benefits or they need help pursuing a claim, a local lawyer with McVeigh Skiff LLP can provide sound legal advice and courtroom representation.