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An Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie Calls Out the Four Cynical Ways Insurance Companies Try to Diminish their Payment

Insurance is the go-to method for receiving compensation after an incident of some kind. It is why it exists, after all. Yet, it is not always so clear. Insurance companies have some sneaky and cynical methods for diminishing how much they pay out. If there is any suspicion that an insurance company is trying to unfairly decrease compensation, contact an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie. Jaklitsch Law Group has many answers for locals injured in an accident. What are these sneaky tricks the insurance companies use every day to short good and honest people? Below are four.

1. There was a pre-existing condition

An Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie has seen a lot. One of the most common scenarios is the “pre-existing condition.” It’s the existence of a previous ailment that is causing the current pain. It’s also a nasty little insurance standard that has become entirely too popularized.

2. The file is closed

The file is what? An insurance company can say that the details of the case are closed- done and done. This is common if compensation was made, but it is not the be-all answer. They may not want to reopen a case they found favorable, and will brush it aside.

3. It was the driver’s fault

The driver stopped too hard. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt. These are common concerns brought forward by an insurance company to minimize payment. They could be true, but there has to be evidence to support that these scenarios contributed to the reason for the accident.

4. The medical complaints have changed

The medical complaints could be minor immediately after the incident and heavier later on. It is true that these can hurt a case. But, there is nothing to say that it can’t happen and shouldn’;t be reported and respected.

All of the above strategies can be explored much deeper. If you suspect unfair treatment from an insurance company, contact an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie. It is worth noting that there are many insurance companies who do wonderful work. But, customers need to be aware of these practices, and to avoid them appropriately and aggressively.