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An Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale, AZ Knows Relevant State Laws and Provides Assistance

Numerous factors can lead to vehicle accidents and the need for an Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ. An injured person may have trouble obtaining a fair settlement from the insurer of the driver who caused the collision, especially if certain circumstances were involved. The insurance company may attempt to place blame on the injured person, citing distracted driving or traveling too fast for road conditions. However, under Arizona state law, an injured person still deserves financial compensation even if he can be considered partly responsible for what happened. This aspect of the law is known as comparative negligence.

For instance, someone who may have been distracted by talking on the phone while driving could be considered partly negligent in a collision caused by someone else. Another driver may have crossed a center line or weaved into a different lane, striking the injured person’s vehicle. An insurance company may suggest that the other driver shouldn’t receive compensation because the accident might have been avoided were he not on the phone and paid closer attention. An Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ understands Arizona state law and can dispute that attempt by the insurer to deny compensation.

Another factor an insurance company might zero in on involves road conditions. An unexpected cloudburst can lead to slick, wet roads and even flash flooding. A person might be implicated in a collision caused by another individual if he had been driving at a relatively high speed. Fog or a dust storm can significantly impair visibility, which also calls for reducing the speed while driving. If the highway was in a construction zone with barrels set up and lanes closed in certain areas, this is another situation requiring decreased speeds. Nevertheless, even if someone was traveling a bit faster than may have been considered prudent, he cannot be denied compensation if someone else caused a collision. That person also may have been driving too fast for conditions, been distracted by a phone conversation, or even involved in a conversation with a passenger. Someone dealing with any of the situations may contact an organization such as Garrison Law Firm for assistance.