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An Estate Litigation Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD Helps Clients Resolve Their Loved Ones Final Affairs

One of the most responsible things people can do before they pass is ensuring their affairs are in order. A lot of times people die intestate and leave lots of confusion for their loved ones to fight over. Sometimes, the fight is with the state system, which automatically takes over. Sometimes it is among the surviving loved ones. To avoid all the confusion, the parties involved should consult a lawyer who handles those issues. An  represents clients involved in the settlement of an estate. Here are some things clients should know.

When a loved one dies and the time comes to settle the final affairs of the estate, conflicts may arise as to how the property and other assets are to be divided or handled. When it comes to reading a will that may have been left, there may be family members who challenge the will. Perhaps they have found another will that somehow didn’t make it into the estate. Perhaps there was a codicil to the will that wasn’t filed.

If someone is going to challenge a will or anything else that may come up in probate court, they must have a valid and legal right to do so. It cannot be enough for the person to simply think the decisions in the reading of a will or in probate were unfair. Another reason there might be for estate litigation is finding that the will that is being used is actually a forgery, deeming it invalid. Anything that might legally challenge the outcome of a will or anything in probate can come up.

Bonnie A. Winders, LLC. has been providing estate planning and litigation solutions to clients in the Hagerstown, Maryland area for more than 20 years. The law firm also represents clients in elder law, real estate, special needs planning, medical malpractice and guardianship law. Clients are welcome to call in for an analysis of their potential cases.