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Child Custody Lawyers in Temecula Will Help You Obtain an Order

It is always recommended that a couple attempts to settle their child custody agreement on their own without involving a judge. Unfortunately, many couples cannot agree on who the child will live with and who will make the major decisions regarding their child’s life. Experienced child custody lawyers in Temecula will help a parent through the mediation process and to avoid an expensive court battle.

Depending on a parent’s fitness, sole custody, joint custody and visitation will be established. Mediation is a great way for an individual to obtain a child custody order and settle outstanding issues. Minor and major disagreements can be negotiated to a fair settlement with the help of an experienced mediator.

Types of Custody

There are two types of custody that include legal and physical custody. Legal custody is when a parent can make decisions for their child. These decisions can involve healthcare, education, and welfare. Physical custody is whom a child will live with.

Legal custody can be joint or sole. When joint legal custody is awarded, both parents will share the responsibility of making the decisions about their child. If one parent is awarded sole legal custody, they are the only ones who will have the ability to make legal decisions that will affect a child’s life. When a parent receives the help of child custody lawyers in Temecula, establishing a child custody order will be easier.

Physical Custody

Physical custody can be joint or sole. If a parent is awarded sole physical custody, the child will live with them all the time. Joint physical custody means the child will live with both parents.


Visitation can be awarded with a set schedule, and reasonable visitation usually includes orders that are open-ended and allow parents to make minor temporary changes to their schedule with their children. In situations where safety is a concern of the court, supervised visitation will be awarded to a parent.

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