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Common Causes for Trucking Accidents in Bowie

While there are quite a few accidents that happen today because of improver driving, most of the underlying causes of these accidents are preventable. With there being, on average, more than 500,000 commercial vehicle and large truck accidents each year, taking notice of the causes may be able to help prevent some of these accidents from taking place. When commercial drivers are properly trained, they will be able to better understand how to prevent these often-devastating Trucking Accidents in Bowie from occurring to begin with.

Top 10 Reasons Trucking Accidents Occur

The top 10 reasons that Trucking Accidents in Bowie occur in the first place include:

• Reckless or careless driving

• Blind spots

• Shoddy repairs or improper truck maintenance

• Improper deceleration or braking

• Substance abuse by the truck driver

• Truck driver fatigue

• Improperly loaded trucks or cargo shifting

• Tires that are under-inflated on big rig trucks

• Unsafe acceleration or speeding

• The failure of the truck driver to obey or adhere to the rules of the road

Costs of Trucking Accidents

When Trucking Accidents in Bowie occur, there are a number of costs that will be reaped. This include:

• A negative company image due to the accident

• The loss of business and customers

• Insurance and liability cost

• Damage to equipment

• Delays in production due to collisions

• Inventory damage or loss

• Employees that are injured

• Costs to pay for damages to injured people or other vehicles

Defensive Driving Musts for Passenger Vehicle Drivers

In some cases, trucking accidents are unavoidable. This is why passenger vehicle drivers should be aware of the dangers on the road and drive defensively to prevent serious issues from occurring. If a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident and damages are incurred, then it may be a good idea to contact an attorney for help and representation.

More information about hiring a truck attorney can be found by contacting the staff from the Jaklitsch Law Group. Taking the time to do this will pay off and help ensure that a person gets the representation they need. Truck accidents can be devastating, and it takes measures by truck drivers and passenger vehicles to prevent them while on the road.