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Comprehensive Estate Planning with the Help of a Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

There are many reasons why a person, a couple or family may need to hire a lawyer in Manhattan, KS. However, when it comes to planning for a person’s future or planning for a time when a person passes away, having the services of a lawyer is crucial. There are many ways in which an attorney can help a person plan their estate in a way that makes the transition of assets much smoother than it without estate planning.

The entirety of estate planning is far too detailed and complex to speak about in one simple article. However, there are a few things that a person consulting with Oleen Law Firm can do to make the time after their death much easier for their remaining family members.

For example, estate planning that can avoid probate is less costly to an estate and makes the dissemination of assets according to a person’s will much quicker and more streamlined. This may include putting an estate in a trust, dividing assets before a person has passed away through gifts or trusting the transition of liquid assets to something like a life insurance policy, which is free of taxes and financial claims.

However, estate planning isn’t always about what happens to a person’s assets after they pass away. In some cases, it’s ensuring that a person’s life and the decisions they make in their life are protected as well.

There may come a time where a person is mentally or physically incapable of handling their own affairs. In this case, the proper estate plan can establish a power of attorney that allows someone like a spouse, a sibling or a child to be entrusted with the day-to-day decisions as well as medical decisions should that person become incapable of making those decisions on their own.

Whatever the situation is regarding estate planning, a lawyer in Manhattan, KS will be essential in making sure that these plans are comprehensive, well thought out, and compliant with all state rules and regulations. If you have assets that you plan to leave to your spouse or to your remaining family, you’ll need the help of an attorney. To learn more about these services and what an attorney can do for you, you may want to browse the website for more information.