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Consulting a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Westbury, NY After an Injury Due to Icy Conditions

A person who slips and falls on an icy sidewalk may wonder if the property owner is financially responsible for the injury they suffered. This individual may want to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer to figure out what to do next. When it comes to a slip and fall accident attorney, Westbury, NY has qualified professionals ready to provide legal representation.

Changing Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can change quickly, which is one reason why a property owner might not be considered liable. Rain can turn into sleet and cause hazardous conditions. If this situation had been forecast by meteorologists, owners of commercial properties might be expected to have workers ready to apply de-icing materials. This is especially important if the business has customers coming and going frequently.

Reasonable Expectations

This type of fast activity isn’t typically expected of residential property owners, however. They are expected to clear away snow and ice within a reasonable amount of time, but usually not within the hour. However, if the slippery conditions have been left this way all day, the person who was injured by falling there may have a case. In regard to a slip and fall accident attorney, Westbury, NY residents can ask for a complementary initial consultation and explain exactly what happened.

Insurance Coverage

If the property owners have homeowners or business insurance, as they should, they may not have any issues with referring the matter to their insurer for a claim. Filing a lawsuit is rarely necessary. The insurer may simply pay the amount of the medical bills and lost income, or a lawyer negotiates with the representatives for a fair settlement.

A Free Consultation

It’s important to at least speak with a lawyer about the matter if the incident resulted in expensive medical bills and time off from work. If the property owner is responsible under the legal concept of premises liability, they or the insurer should pay for those bills and lost wages. The injured person may speak with someone at an organization such as the Law Office of Steven R. Smith. Browse the website of this particular organization to get started.