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Consumer Protection Law In Texas

Although consumer protection laws are somewhat different from one state to another, they all have a common goal; to protect those that purchase a car with a chronic malfunction. The Texas Lemon Law ensures that the buyer of a vehicle with serious flaws that cannot be repaired will not suffer financially.

If you purchased a new car in Texas and you find that it has issues that cannot be fixed but are covered by the new car warranty, the vehicle manufacturer is obliged to either repurchase the car or replace it with a new car which is substantially the same. Although the solution is easy to say, getting it is another thing. The law is complex; it is in your best interests to maintain impeccable records even if the car does not turn out to be a lemon.

What is a “Lemon” in Texas?

In Texas, the standards that define a lemon include:

  • The total number of attempts to repair the same defect; four attempts in two years
  • Whether the defect has caused the car to be unavailable for service for 30 days total
  • If the defect is such, it creates a serious safety problem

Time limits:

If you believe your car meets the criteria, you have six months to file from the earliest of:

  • The expiration date of the warranty
  • Within two years from the date the car was first delivered, or
  • 24,000 miles driven from the delivery date

After any of these time limits have passed, as a consumer, you have no recourse under the Texas Lemon Law. Although you will get no assistance from the state, you can attempt to get satisfaction directly from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer refuses to comply with your request, the best recourse is to hire a knowledgeable attorney. Your chances of success will be far better with the able assistance of an attorney.

The Texas Lemon Law is quite complex and time consuming. If you need legal assistance while pursuing your claim, you are invited to visit the website of Lemon Law America.