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Crashes And Collision Claims Managed By A Workers Comp Attorney In Port St. Lucie, FL

In Florida, worker’s compensation is provided for all workers who sustain on-the-job injuries. The policies are required by federal law and provide benefits for injured workers. The benefits include payments for medical requirements and monetary benefits to replace wages. A Workers Comp Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL offers assistance for all injured workers now.

Auto Accidents Involving Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers who sustain injuries in an auto accident are covered if they didn’t cause the accident. The type of vehicle they were driving determines if additional regulations apply to the driver. Drivers who operate domestic auto mobiles are covered under standard commercial policies. However, any fleet or truck drivers must comply with federal safety regulations. If the driver didn’t follow the law, he or she wouldn’t receive worker’s compensation benefits.

Acquiring a Medical Assessment

The first step of the claim’s process is to send the driver for a medical assessment. The driver is taken to the hospital if they are unable to drive after the accident. The hospital staff provides a full medical assessment, and the attending doctor completes the worker’s compensation claim.

Defining the Recovery Period

The doctor determines how long the driver needs to recover from their injuries. The recovery time is included in the medical assessment. However, it is possible for the doctor to release the patient at an earlier time. Any updates are reported to the insurer directly.

What Benefits are Provided by the Insurers?

The insurers offer full coverage for the driver’s medical treatment. Workers who are unable to return to work receive monetary benefits. The monetary benefits range up to eighty percent of the worker’s wages. The insurer determines how long the worker receives the monetary benefits and provides a letter explaining when the benefits start.

In Florida, worker’s compensation insurance offers full coverage for medical payments for on-the-job injuries. It also provides monetary benefits to replace wages for qualifying workers. The terms of the policy define the exact value of the benefits. Any limitations of the policies are also outlined by federal laws. Workers who were denied worker’s comp benefits contact a Workers Comp Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL at Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille right now.