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Do I Need A Family Lawyer For A Divorce?

There are many couples today who have a limited budget when it comes to hiring attorneys for a divorce. This may prompt these people to make the decision to complete their own divorce. These Pro Se or self-represented types of divorces may seem like a cost-savings option, but they can turn out to be incredibly costly.

There are a number of forms and procedures that have to be completed in order to file for and be granted a divorce. A family lawyer will ensure that all forms and documents are completed and correctly submitted. He or she will also work in your best interests to obtain a fair divorce settlement and ensure all future issues with child custody and child support, alimony and even retirement and investment income are addressed in the process.

Common Mistakes

Without a family lawyer, there are many common errors and omissions made in pro se divorces. The court is not able to act as a legal advisor, which can result in mistakes in language or in missed issues within the divorce. When these mistakes occur, it will take another trip to court, this time with a family lawyer, to correct the issue.

Reducing Conflict

Having someone who is an expert in the field also helps the individual, as well as the couple, avoid pitfalls that can result in high levels of conflict in a divorce. By talking to each other through attorneys, emotions are better managed, and legal advice on what is in the best interest of the children can be the focus of the conversations.

There are complicated factors in most divorces. Child support payments, child custody arrangements, co-parenting plans, alimony and even the division of property, investments, and possessions can be very challenging. Having an attorney to guide you through the process and provide legal information will ensure the divorce complete, legal and contains the language necessary for complete settlement.