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Drug Crimes Attorneys in Gilbert, AZ Help When Parents Face Losing Child Custody Over Drug Charges

Being charged with a drug-related offense is scary for anyone, but some individuals are at risk of losing something very important if convicted. A divorced person who has physical custody of the children or shares custody may be at risk of having that privilege revoked. Drug crimes attorneys in Gilbert, AZ provide aggressive legal representation to help their clients maintain their freedom. They also put forth substantial effort to prevent a conviction so the person maintains a clean legal record.

Consider one possible scenario in which a person is arrested for possession of a controlled substance. The individual may have been pulled over by the police while driving erratically and found to not only be intoxicated by alcohol but to have marijuana in the vehicle as well. If this person is not registered to have legal possession of medical marijuana, having the substance is a crime according to Arizona state law. The individual might have full physical custody of a young child and now face losing custody even if this parent is not sentenced to jail. The other parent may petition the court for a change in custody the person is found guilty or pleads guilty in return for a reduced sentence. That parent may do so out of genuine concern for the child or out of malice toward the ex-spouse.

Drug crimes attorneys in Gilbert, AZ may be able to have the drug charges reduced or dropped by the district attorney or the case dismissed by a judge. The issue of driving under the influence of alcohol is a complicating factor that needs to be addressed, but it is much less likely to cause a revocation of child custody if DUI is not habitual. A judge may want some type of assurance that the person will stop possessing and using marijuana. Entering a treatment program might show the strong motivation a judge is looking for. A psychologist or social worker acting as an expert witness can explain why the current custody arrangement is best for the child. An organization such as the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. is ready to assist clients in this type of situation. Click here for more details.