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Enforcing Prenuptial Agreements With A Divorce Law Attorney In Rockville Centre, NY

In New York, prenuptial agreements are signed before a marriage. The terms are clear and explained to each party by an attorney. If either party doesn’t agree to the terms, they must negotiate before the marriage takes place. The state of New York enforces prenuptial agreements. A Divorce Law Attorney Rockville Centre NY helps petitioners define their rights during their divorce case.

Protect Assets and Wealth

A prenuptial agreement helps individuals protect their assets. In the agreement, there are terms that define whether or not the individual’s spouse receives any portion of an estate or assets. If a spouse agrees to relinquish property rights in the prenuptial agreement, they cannot seek the assets identified in the agreement.

Financial Settlements According to the Duration of the Marriage

Some wealthy individuals offer a financial settlement to a spouse if the marriage ends after a predetermined amount of time. The duration of the marriage determines how much a spouse could receive in the divorce settlement. Under New York laws, the monetary award isn’t prevented unless the couple creates a post-nuptial agreement that alters the terms.

Child Custody and Support Agreements

Child custody and support terms are outlined in a prenuptial agreement. In the agreements, couples can set up an arrangement for joint or sole custody. The value of the child support must be higher than or at least meet the current requirements of the state. Parenting time is also outlined in the agreement.

Agreements About Marriage Counseling

Some couples may agree to marriage counseling for a predetermined amount of time before either party files for divorce. As long as the spouse complies with the terms, they can file for a divorce if marriage counseling is unsuccessful.

In New York, prenuptial agreements are presented when a couple divorces. The terms of the agreement are often used as the divorce agreement. The laws prevent the couple from renegotiating the terms after the document is signed and notarized. An attorney can explain the potential repercussions of using a prenuptial agreement. Couples who need further answers can contact a Divorce Law Attorney Rockville Centre NY through Simon & Milner or visit us website for more details now.