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Facing Jail? Contact A Drug Defense Lawyer In Kutztown PA

Although drugs like marijuana are legal for medical treatment, it is still illegal without a prescription. Prescription medical from a pharmacy is legal when being used by the person it’s prescribed to. When legal or illegal medication is being sold or used by other individuals, they can be arrested. Drug charges can result in jail time and a permanent criminal record. When an individual is arrested, they should contact a Drug Defense Lawyer in Kutztown PA.

There are several options an attorney must build a defense for the individual. They will work for a dismissal of the charges and a reduction of the penalties. The attorney will file a motion to get the illegally seized evidence suppressed. This is key to reducing the charges because most of the cases are prosecuted on the evidence the police seized before the arrest.

Types Of Drugs

A drug defense lawyer in Kutztown PA can represent an individual who has been charged involving marijuana, narcotics, heroin, meth, crack, and synthetic drugs. Reducing the charges or jail time will be the priority of the defense attorney.

Penalties For Drug Possession

Drug possession charges are serious, and the type of drugs involved will determine the penalty. The amount of drugs an individual has will be another contributing factor for their penalty. If the individual has a prior criminal record, it will affect the outcome of the current case. Even if this is the person’s first arrest for drug charges, they should aggressively fight the charges.

First Time Offenders

An individual might think an arrest is no big deal because they’ve never been arrested before and want to plead guilty. With an experienced drug defense lawyer, they could receive alternative sentencing. Another option for a first-time offender is entering treatment instead of being sentenced to jail. In this type of situation, the person’s record could be erased.

A criminal defense attorney is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help their clients. They understand time is of the essence and will aggressively represent a client. If you find yourself facing drug charges, don’t wait to obtain legal advice. Contact us today.