Family Law Attorneys in Monroe, LA Advocate for a Positive Divorce Environment for the Children

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Lawyers

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A divorce can be ugly, messy, and emotionally devastating; yet all these overwhelming realities about divorce can be lessened if spouses agree to pursue positive energy and a greater goal at the end.

The attorneys at Hudson, Potts, and Bernstein have seen people who fundamentally disagree on every single thing in their life come together for the sake of their children and the betterment of each other. This is a powerful statement, and it is entirely possible. Here are some strategies to accentuate a positive environment.

It’s All About the Children

This cliché heading may cause you to recall some cheesy moments from family films, but it is important to always keep children as the top priority. This can be extremely difficult, especially if a spouse is particularly nasty and confrontational. A family law attorney in Monroe, LA will attempt to mediate the situation on behalf of the kids. This is a very real thing the children must face, and that is something that should constantly be considered.

Hold Off on Certain Topics

Spouses in the process of divorce with a family law attorney in Monroe, LA can have a lot of conversations outside the mediation. That is acceptable, and sometimes healthy. However, there comes a time when certain conversations should be put on hold. It is not hard to go over the line and say something unreasonable, potentially distorting the overall goal and message being conveyed. For example, two spouses may have a disagreement about child custody. They may have made progress in the mediation, but that progress can be halted when the conversation continues outside the protected confines of mediation. The spouses then come in with a different angle and different ideas in mind. This ultimately causes lost time, prolongs the divorce proceedings, and costs the former couple more money.

Keep these conversations in the mediation room where they can be monitored, and where accountability is at its highest. As cliché as it sounds, the children are the number one priority aside from completing the divorce. If a family law attorney in Monroe, LA can mediate the situation to minimize the emotional ramifications that affect the children, the result can be one that everyone is happy with.