FAQs That A Sex Crime Defense Attorney In Scottsdale, AZ Can Answer

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Arizona, all defendants that are convicted of a sex crime will be registered as a sex offender for the remainder of their lives. These offenders will have to register each time they move to a new area, and they could face difficulty when seeking employment after their release. A Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Scottsdale AZ can provide answers to frequently asked questions about these offenses.

What Penalties are Assigned to Indecent Exposure?

According to state laws, indecent exposure is considered a class 1 misdemeanor, and the punishment begins with a six-month jail sentence. However, any charge of indecent exposure that involves a child could present a higher sentence. If the crime involved a victim that is younger than fifteen, the offense is a class 6 felony, and the offense faces a maximum of eighteen months in state prison.

What Penalties Apply to Public Sexual Indecency?

Public sexual indecency is any type of sexual act that is performed in view of the public, and these offenses apply to really heinous crimes such as bestiality. According to the state laws, the offense is considered a class 1 misdemeanor unless the victim that witnessed the act was under the age of fifteen. The misdemeanor charge imposes a sentence of up to one year, and the felony charge is a class 5 felony with a sentence of up to two years.

What Penalties Apply to Rape in the State?

The laws identify rape as sexual assault and include any form of unwanted sexual contact, and this does include any crime in which the victim couldn’t provide consent due to intoxication, mental status, or age. The crime is a class 2 felony, and the prison sentence can range up to twenty-eight years based on the age of the victim and additional circumstances.

In Arizona, all defendants can lose their right to privacy in some circumstances after a conviction for a sex crime. These defendants will face limits on where they can live and work based on the nature of their offense. Defendants who need to speak to a Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Scottsdale AZ can visit  for more information now.