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Filing a Dog Attack Claim with Accident Lawyers near Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, laws prevent pet owners from allowing their dogs to roam free in local neighborhoods. Leash laws are enforced inside the city limits and lower some risks to others. All pet owners are also required to vaccinate their dogs for the rabies virus. Accident lawyers near Wisconsin assist victims of dog attacks.

Where Is the Dog?

It is vital to know the location of the dog for the animal control officer. When investigating, the officer must locate it and determine if it has an owner. After that, they must determine how the dog attack occurred.

How Badly Was the Victim Injured?

The severity of the victim’s injuries determines if immediate action is required by the animal control officer. For example, if the victim sustained life-threatening injuries, the dog could be a serious risk to the public. If the animal tries to attack the animal control officer, the officer is within their rights to put the animal down.

Does the Dog Have Rabies?

Any dog that has the rabies virus is a risk to everyone, and immediate action is necessary. If the officer’s findings determine that the dog has rabies, the officer must kill the animal to prevent further risks. If it isn’t clear if the dog has rabies, the animal is surrendered to a licensed vet. However, if the owner has vaccination records for the dog, the quarantine isn’t necessary.

When Does a Strict Liability Apply?

Strict liabilities apply when the pet owner knows that the dog has a previous history of attacks. Failing to prevent a new attack deems the pet owner liable for any injuries that occur. In some areas, criminal charges are applied to the pet owner. Strict liabilities lead to a higher monetary award if the victim wins.

In Wisconsin, laws are in place to lower the risk of a dog attack. Pet owners are required to follow city ordinances that apply to dogs such as the use of leashes or outdoor enclosures. Victims of a dog attack can contact QBS Law S.C. to schedule an appointment with accident lawyers near Wisconsin or to learn more about their rights today.

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