Get Compensation for Your Defective Car

by | May 15, 2018 | Lawyers

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Many people who purchase new or used cars find that their vehicle is defective in some manner. These cars are often in for frequent repairs and service, and the costs of these services can add up quickly. In addition to the lost money, the car owners also have to deal with the inconvenience of not having a reliable vehicle to get them to work, school or just to run daily errands. Fortunately, these car owners are likely eligible for compensation for those repairs. Consult with an experienced Michigan Lemon Law attorney to find out if the state laws cover your defective vehicle.

There are specific criteria that must apply before a car owner can collect damages. There is a time constraint that typically requires a purchased vehicle to suffer from mechanical problems in the months following its purchase. Also, car owners might qualify for either replacement of their vehicle, or they could have the necessary repairs paid for if their situation qualifies them for compensation benefits. It is crucial to find a reputable Michigan Lemon Law attorney with the required background in this state’s specific lemon laws. These laws are designed to protect new or used car buyers if the vehicle ends of being somehow defective.

Individuals that find themselves in this frustrating situation should save all receipts for any car repairs. They should also keep diligent track of how many times their car needs to be out of service due to needing extensive repairs for safe vehicle operation. These car owners are highly encouraged to contact a seasoned and knowledgeable Michigan Lemon Law attorney for help in getting any monetary repair compensation or a replacement vehicle if they meet the requirements as set by law. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law CenterĀ® for details.