Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mesa, AZ for Miranda Warning Advice

by | May 15, 2017 | Lawyers

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The Miranda warning is a crucial part of America’s criminal justice system, and it is important to understand the rights provided in the warning. A criminal defense attorney in Mesa, AZ can help clients make the most of the rights they are given while providing legal options when a person’s rights are violated. In this guide, clients can learn about the importance of the Miranda warning.

What Is the Miranda Warning?

The Miranda warning is a collection of information that an arresting officer must convey to a suspect before making an arrest. Subjects must be informed of their right to remain silent, their right to legal advice, their right to a public defender, and that their admissions can and will be used against them in court.

What Can Happen If the Officer Doesn’t Read a Suspect Their Miranda Rights?

The police must read the Miranda warning every time they make an arrest, no matter where it happens. If a person is questioned without being read their rights, every admission they make thereafter is no longer admissible in court. In some instances, an officer can try to question a subject without making an arrest. Here, Miranda rights needn’t be read, and anything said during interrogations is admissible in court.

Exceptions to the Miranda Rules

If a person’s conduct has put public safety at risk, the police can use un-Mirandized admissions to follow up with leads in the case. There is also a rule of inevitable discovery, which describes situations where it’s assumed that evidence will be found whether or not the police question a suspect. Any witnesses found during un-Mirandized questioning can offer testimony at trial.

A criminal case can have lifelong effects, even if the charges seem relatively minor. When criminal charges accompany an arrest, a criminal defense attorney in Mesa, AZ can lessen the risk of ill effects.

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