Hire a Defective Product Attorney in Norwich, CT if Multiple Parties Cause an Injury

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Lawyers

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In defective product lawsuits, multiple parties can be held liable for a plaintiff’s injuries because products pass through a distribution network. In the chain of distribution, a product takes a path from its manufacturer to the consumer. As a product makes its way to market, a party’s negligence can make it defective. It can be hard to prove liability in defective product cases because the product has passed through so many hands. However, the chain of distribution is broken if the product is sold second-hand.

Suing Parties in the Distribution Network

In product liability suits, the plaintiff’s injuries may be caused by more than one party. Responsible parties can include a product’s:

•Manufacturer. A manufacturer creates, designs and makes the products. They can be held liable for design defects, where the product poses an inherent risk, or for manufacturing defects, where a product is flawed as soon as it’s made.

•Retailers. A retailer operates the store where a product is purchased, and they can be held liable if they knowingly sold defective products. The plaintiff does not have to be the buyer or the user to hold a retailer liable.

•Wholesalers and distributors. In between a product’s manufacturer and its retailer, a product may go through several wholesalers. Any of these parties can be held liable for contributing to a plaintiff’s injuries.

Proving causation in a case with multiple defendants can be complex, and it usually requires the assistance of witnesses and a Defective Product Attorney in Norwich CT.

Dividing Liability Where Multiple Parties are at Fault

Liability division in personal injury or defective product claims depends on the jurisdictional law. For instance, some areas allow individual defendants to pay the percentage of damages for which they are found liable. In other areas, it’s the defendants’ job to determine how much each should pay. Regardless of liability division, the injured party receives the same amount.

Hiring an Attorney for Defective Product Claims

Product’s distribution network is an important part of a liability lawsuit, and it can be hard to determine which parties are responsible for the defect. Therefore, a victim may want to Visit the website to consult a Defective Product Attorney in Norwich CT, if they’ve suffered injuries caused by a flawed product. Stephen M. Reck can determine which party is responsible for the victim’s loss.